Application Season: SUMMER 2014 Internships Apps Open

This year the majority of the Studio Applications are due FEBRUARY 28th!

Not all of the summer internship applications are open yet, but the majority are!

List of the Biggest and Most Notable Summer Internship Applications (Updated 2/2/14)

1. ABC/ ESPN/ Walt Disney Studios, apply at
    Most coveted Internships: ABC Development/Production
    Internships to Consider: ABC Casting, Good Morning America Production

2. NBCUniversal , apply at NBCUniversal Careers

    Most coveted Internships:: NBC Development 
    Internships to Consider: E! News

3. A&E/ History Channel/ Lifetime , apply at AE Networks
    Most coveted Internships:: A&E Drama Development 
    Internships to Consider: History Programming

4. Discovery, apply at

   Most coveted Internships:: Alternative Programing (Reality) Development, "General"
   Internships to Consider: Digital Media

5.Fox/ FX, apply at Fox Careers
   Apply to FOX LA Internships Program. 

6. Conan, apply at TeamCoco

   Most coveted Internships:: Production Interns, 
   Internships to Consider: Script Interns, Casting Interns, Control Room Interns

7. HBO, apply at TimeWarner (Need a 1 page essay detailing why you want to work for HBO)

    Most coveted Internships:Media Production & Operations 
   Internships to Consider: Business Affairs

8. Paramount Pictures, apply at Paramount Careers

   Most coveted Internships: Creative Affairs, Physical Production
   Internships to Consider: Insurge, Television

9. Viacom, apply at Viacom Careers

 Most coveted Internships: Physical Production
   Internships to Consider: Business Affairs

10. CAA, apply by emailing with responses to these questions (no more than 2 pages) + resume.
Application questions 
1. What is your location preference: Los Angeles, New York or Nashville? 
2. Have you previously applied for employment with CAA? 
3. How did you hear about the CAA Internship Program, and what attracted you to it? 
4. Describe how an internship at CAA will help you achieve your career goals. 
5. Which of your personal and professional experiences will help you succeed in our program? 
6. In order of preference, please indicate and explain the three (3) CAA divisions in which you would like to work. (Please note: placement in one of your preferred choices is not guaranteed and is subject to availability.) 

 Business Development (LA) 
 Corporate Communications / Public Relations (LA) 
 Endorsements (LA/NY) 
 Entertainment Marketing (LA/NY) 
 Film Finance (LA) 
 Lifestyles/Licensing: Brand Coverage (LA) 
 Lifestyles/Licensing: Multicultural (LA) 
 Lifestyles/Licensing: Talent (LA) 
 Motion Picture Literary (LA) 
 Motion Picture Talent (LA) 
 Music (LA/NY/NASH) 
 Speakers (LA) 
 Sports Representation/Endorsements (LA/NY) 
 Sports Sales (NY) 
 Television: Alternative (LA/NY) 
 Television: Scripted (LA) 
 Theatre (NY) 

Still looking out for postings from Sony, CBS, and Viacom. Stay tuned. 
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