Craft the Quickest, Simplest, and Most Effective Cover Letter

When you think of Cover Letters, you probably think of something like this:
A little bit of advice: Do not send something like this.
  • It is an outdated format (an address, really?)
  • It's lengthy.
  • Takes a long time to write (you're applying to 10 internships, right?)
  • Not easily adaptable. 
Are you ready for a cover letter format that will BLOW YOUR MIND and Get You That Interview?
Introducing a modern, tailored, and simplistic cover letter. I call it the Bullet-Proof Cover Letter. 
Basically all you have to do is check the job requirements, write them in bold, and say concisely why you can fit those requirements. It's a hiring manager's dream. 

Foolproof Format:
Salutations- "Hello, Hi"

Paragraph 1: "My name is Jane Doe and I am currently a junior at University Name. I am enclosing a copy of my resume in your search for a Fall/Spring/Summer semester (what Division you want to be considered for: Development/ Production/Digital Media) at Company Name. In order to save some of your valuable time, I have provided a comparison of the job requirements listed on Website Posted On with my qualifications. 

Paragraph 2: Qualification Listed on Posting (Script Coverage Experience/ Production Experience)
Hint: Always put most important qualification first, one tailored to the division you want to be considered for. 

Paragraph 3: Office Experience or Other Qualification on Posting
Hint: Always include programing knowledge here (Adobe Photoshop, Mac/Windows)

Paragraph 4: Other Qualification on Positing (Less Important: Have Car, ect.)

Paragraph 5: College Student + GPA + Can You Receive School Credit?
Hint: Most Unpaid Internships nowadays make you receive school credit. If you have graduated, you may be able to reopen your account to receive the credit. Contact your Registrar office for info.

Paragraph 6: Availability (Day to Start, Day to End, Hours Available)
Hint: Try and tailor this to the positing on the website. Be honest!

Paragraph 7: Thank them for their time, Restate which internship/division you are applying for, How this Internship will help you in the long run, and how to contact you (email, phone number, website). 

Phone Number

Which Qualification's Should I include? 
Example PostingThe Sheldon Prosnit Agency represents its below-the-line clients across its Motion Picture, Television, Commercial and Music Video Departments. This is an unpaid internship, however, a small stipend will be provided. School credit is available. Must be computer literate; should know Word and Excel on Mac computers. Must have a positive attitude, excellent work ethic and some office-related experience. Please send all resumes in PDF format.
Paragraphs: Agency Experience (if applicable), College Credit, Office-Experience, Computer Programs Known (Word/ Excel/ Mac)

Best of luck! Now go apply, apply, apply!

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