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With all the lists out there, from Hollywood Reporter to THR, it can be hard to determine just what school is right for you with the confusing "ranking" aside. After all, the paragraph included is just a list of highlights considered to earn them this ranking. What do these film schools really excel in? What sets them apart?

The College Degree: The schools below all offer you the benefit of a college degree. This means you will be required to take other liberal arts classes in English, Science, and (maybe even) math. You can also double major in a fall back or at least minor to learn more about the world. UNDERGRAD centered.

The Most Notable: University of Southern California- LA, CA
One of the first, the top of every list, and a well-rounded college (party) experience.
-Perks: Notable alumni and the top of its class in notability. 
-Failure: No "Business" Classes.
-Major to Take: Film and Television Production, Writing for Film and Television
-Major to Consider: Interactive Media and Games
-Major to Avoid: Critical Studies

The Most On Set Experience: Chapman University- Orange, CA
An up and coming film school in Orange County, Chapman students make over 200 films every semester. You can get on set your first weekend and by sophomore year be working on the Key Crew.
-Perks: Filmmaker in Residence Program, Tons of Scholarships, Production Heavy Coursework
-Failure: Quantity does not always equal quality. 
-Major to Take: Film Production
-Major to Consider: Television and Broadcast Journalism (Narrative TV Emphasis), Creative Producing
-Major to Avoid: Film Studies, Screenwriting

Home of the Interns: Loyola Marymount University- LA, CA
While the coursework prevents it from a top 10 list, its proximity to LA makes it many production companies first choice for interns.
-Perks: Proximity to LA, Alumni Network 
-Failure: Liberal Arts Systems leads to a lot of Random Classes (such as in Religion)
-Major to Take: Production
-Major to Consider: Screenwriting, Recording Arts
-Major to Avoid: Animation

The Former Thespians and the TV Lovers: Emerson College- Boston, MA
Emerson, a communication school, is full of former theatre kids and everyone even a little artsy in between. It's no surprise Emerson classes focus on the medium of Television and are just a little more indie than its competitors.
-Perks: Creativity Focused, New LA "Study Abroad" Program and Center, Lots of COOL Majors
-Failure: Lack of Film-Centric Classes, Students focus on other things than just Film
-Major to Take: Writing for Film and Television  Studio TV Production, Film
-Major to Consider: Experimental Media Production, Directing Narrative Fiction,
-Major to Avoid: Media Studies

For the (Rich) "Serious" Filmmakers: New York University
With a catalog that hasn't changed in years, New York is all about Theory and applying it to production.
-Perks: Notable Alumni, High Ranking, Best of New York
-Failure: Run-down Facilities compared to Chapman/USC/Loyola Marymount
-Major to Take: Film Production (Seriously..that's it). 
-Major to Avoid: Dramatic Writing (Theatre based)

For the Person Who Likes to Bid Their Time: UCLA
You can't start your studies until your sophomore year, which leaves you far behind other film schools in terms of production experience and internships. EDIT: This is apparently changing, however the first 2 years you have to focus on General Education Requirements. However, location is sublime and they films produced are of a high quality (not quantity).
-Perks: Notability, Alumni,
-Consider: Together with Theatre
-Failure: Only 3 years of experience when graduate, Expensive for Non-Cali Residents
-Major to Take: Film (That's all folks)

IN THE NEXT ISSUE of "Find the Perfect Film School"- The Certificate: 
Not going to earn you respect from your parents. However, these schools are so respected it might not even matter- unless you choose another career.

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