Rock That Interview: The Dreaded Question Question

So you got that interview? Congrats! Now the job is yours for the taking if you just follow the advice of our brand-new section "Rock That Interview"! 

We've all been there. The interview is winding down, the interviewer is glancing at his watch, nothing else to say, so he asks "Do you have any questions?"

It's so easy to just say "No." Then the interview is over, go home, and wait to find out if the rest of your interview was impressive enough for them to offer you the internship.

I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT DO THIS. 

Asking questions accomplishes so much by doing so little. For starters, it shows that you are serious about the internship you're applying to. Also, if you ask the right questions, it makes the employers think about you seriously in the context of the internship. 

Every other question in the interview is about you and your past experience. This is THE ONLY TIME in which you can show your interest in this particular internship.

Don't know which questions to ask? No problem!

Here's my handy dandy guide!
Ask Questions About:
1. Duties: What are your duties? Examples of past projects done by interns? Assuming the interviewer hasn't told you already. I mean, don't you want to know? Hopefully they don't say getting coffee or doing runs.
2. Working Hours: What hours you will be working? When will you start? Is there an orientation?
3. Typical Day: What your typical day will be like?
4. Parking: Where will you park? Is it free? Trust me, if you're in LA, you'll want to know where you're suppose to park: Street/ Parking Garage/ Private Lot. 
5. (If Development Internship) Coverage: How long is the expected coverage supposed to be? Could be anywhere from 1-6 pages. You don't want to be at the 6 page place. 
6. Supervisor: Who will be your supervisor? It's likely the interviewer, but not necessarily. 
7. School Credit: Will I be able to get school credit?
8. Next Steps: When will you be notified? Is there another interview after this?
9.Netflix: I'm serious! They will ask you about what your favorite shows are (please mention House of Cards and Orange is the New Black!), ask them about themselves! Have a conversation! You both love TV/Film, what better touch off point?

Bonus: If you know of another department that is closely related to the department to which you are applying, one that you wish to assist and learn more about, tell the interviewer (e.g. Development and Production). It shows dedication, a knowledge of the company, and a broad interest in learning about the film industry. 

Try and prepare you're questions before you go, even print them off and review as you wait!
It seems silly, but it helps a lot- I swear!

Below are my questions I prepared for my interview at MTV News (I was offered the Internship):

1.     What is the typical day for an intern like? What’s the schedule like?
2.     What are some examples of projects I would be working on or that interns have worked on in the past?
3.     Is there interaction with other departments at MTV? Such as Unscripted Development for instance.
4.     What have past interns gone on to do?
5.     Who would be my manager?
6.     Will I be able to get school credit?
7.     What is the next step? When do you think you’ll be making the decision?

SStay tuned for more Rock That Interview columns! 

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