Rock That Interview: What Do I Bring?

So you got that interview? Congrats! Now the job is yours for the taking if you just follow the advice of our brand-new section "Rock That Interview"! 

You've figured out what to wear, what to say, and which question to ask. 

Now you have one more thing to worry about, what should you bring into the interview room? 

Not to fear! The Hollywood Intern Diaries is here!

Okay, so I know in every day life you may carry around your keys, your student id, your wallet, and who knows what else is at the bottom of your backpack or purse. In an interview, simplicity is key. The last thing you want to do at the start of your interview is have to switch your giant bag or backpack over to the other side to shake the interviewers hand. 

As a general rule, woman should carry a smaller bag with a wallet, cell phone (on silent), and personal items. Men (or woman with large pockets) are generally expected to carry either a briefcase or to carry their items in their pockets. However, since we are college-aged and applying to the semi-formal Hollywood industry, a briefcase is not recommended.

Here's the list:

  1. A Small Bag 
  2. Directions: Google Maps isn't that reliable- especially in LA. 
  3. Extra Copies of Your Resume (1 for every anticipated interviewer & 1 for you)
  4. List of those questions you so carefully crafted.
  5. A Nice Folder or Leather Portfolio: To store any paper you are given as well as your resume
  6. Car Keys
  7. Wallet
  8. A Working Pen: In case you need to sign something.
  9. A Notebook: Write down the interviewer's name! It shows that you are taking this seriously and it will help for the follow-up email.
  10. Phone: You really don't need it. It is also consider to be unprofessional if you are on your phone while waiting for the interview. If you can, leave it in the car.
  11. Business Cards: If you have them. If not, you may want to invest. There are tons of cheap ones, your college campus may even offer printing services. 
  12. OPTIONAL: Extra copies of your cover letter, application (if applicable), references. 
What not to bring:
  1. Makeup: What's more unprofessional than checking your makeup in the waiting room?
  2. Laptop (Unless specifically told to)
  3. Giant Bag/ Briefcase (See Above)
  4. Food/ Drink
  5. Earphones
  6. Distracting Jewelry
  7. Gum
  8. A Portfolio of Unrelated Work, Writing Sample
  9. Your parents (seriously, this happens) or your friends.
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