Unexpected Pathways: The First Step to a Big Internship

Ask anyone with an internship at Sony, Dreamworks, ABC, NBC, Paramount, or the like, and they'll tell you this wasn't the first internship they've had. Chances are, their ride to the top was full of random internships, jobs, and unrelated experience that spoke to the hiring managers at that company. Here are some of the most common:

BROADCAST NETWORKS (NBC/CBS/ABC/FOX): Intern at the Local News Station
The heart of the image and history of Broadcast Networks is news. Getting an internship at your local affiliate news station (even if you live in Kansas) can help you land a job at the network that supplies the programming.

PUBLICITY/ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING: Marketing Intern at the Local Theatre
The closest you can get to feature film publicity is the intro you get in press releases, behind the scenes, and even trailers by working at your local theatre!

ABC/DISNEY: Disney Cast Member
One of the most sought after internships is cake if you've already worked at the parks. Disney is huge on hiring their own! Consider applying for the Disney College Program if you don't live in Anaheim or Orlando. Or even working at the Disney resorts in Hawaii or the South.

APPRENTICES (Cinematographers, Production Designers): On Set Experience
This may be the only time that student films can land you anything. Having a kick-ass portfolio and a long resume of on-set experience will get you these- if you know where to look.

FASHION: Retail in clothing stores (i.e. Anthropologie, Nordstroms)

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