MARCH: The Make It or Break It Month

You may emerge from March with an awesome internship or empty-handed. 

This is the Make it Break it month for Summer. 

Postings, Screening interviews, applications close, in-person interviews, and decisions are all (mostly) happening in this month.

The one thing I can urge you not to do is WAIT. Be proactive! Send follow up emails, network with your current internship peeps, use Linkedin, or even apply to other internships you're interested in (such as the ones on Entertainment Careers).

DO NOT WAIT for an internship to be dropped in your lap. Summer is the most competitive time and you don't want to be the one at the end of April still trying to find an internship. It's stressful and unavoidable.

Another thing, if you are offered an internship: GREAT! But is it the internship you really want? If it's not and you are still waiting to hear from a position that better suits you, ask to postpone your decision. Tell the hiring manager that you really want to work with them, but you would like to think it over. Being an intern (especially a paid intern) is a job.

On that note, try not to accept multiple internships as it does make you look bad to a potential employer.

Here's the (Unverified) Timetable for the Main Internships:
1. ABC- Screening call: End of March, Interview: April, Offer: End of April, Early May
2. NBCUniversal- Online Interview: March, In-person Interview: March/April. Offer: Early April
3. COHAN- Skype/In-Person Interview: NOW (March), Offer: End of March
4. DISCOVERY- Online Interview: February, Next steps: End of March
5. VIACOM- Rolling (Online, then in person, then Offer)- By April

Internships Still Accepting Resumes: 
1. Entertainment Careers Postings!
2. NBCUniversal
3. CBS
4. Lionsgate
5. Sony
6. New Regency
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