Common Mistakes You Can Make On Facebook

You've heard it before, employers, colleges, even internship coordinators, look at your Facebook.

Having hired interns at a Production Company, I can attest that this is VERY TRUE. Not only did we look at you Facebook, we had to write if we noticed anything strange or if you seemed like a normal person.

Your resume and cover letter may be flawless, but if you have Sailor Moon as your profile picture we might NOT want to work with you every day. Ditto if you have weed and drinks all over your profile.

Keep that in mind next time you are tagged in a billion party pictures. It's great that you party, we love that and we get it. Just, make sure that's not all your profile says.

Here's the 7 Things That Shouldn't Be On Your Facebook:
1. Talking About Applying/Interviewing at Other Companies
     What Should Be: Your Current Job and University Listed

2. A Profile Picture That Isn't a Picture Of You (Sorority Event Icon, A Anime Character, A Weed Leaf, A Catflish Model, A TV Character, etc.)
    What Should Be: A Nice Picture of You

3. Shirt-less/ Cleavage/ Nudity
    What Should Be: Keep it Classy, don't even post links to NSFW content and think twice before the bikini post. 

4. A Weird Cover Photo: (Anime, Sorority Things, etc.)
   What Should Be: Your friends or a pretty picture. 

5. Weed: A lot of creative people in the industry smoke weed. We don't want to hire them either for office work.
 What Should Be: Pictures of your friends, school, instagrams. Normal things. 

6. Ditto for lots and lots of alcohol.
What Should Be: Ditto.

7. Status that say a variation of I hate my teacher, my co-worker, my ex-boyfriend, my boss. Try to avoid that.
What Should Be: Status that show how awesome you are!

Remember, we did not only check Facebooks. Twitter, Instagram  Youtube, and Linkedin are all fair game!

You've been warned!
Happy application season.

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