Your Hollywood Education

When you go into an interview, chances are the interviewer is going to ask you what your favorite movie/TV show is- of course you'd hopefully say something that's critically acclaimed. However, that's just the start!

In every internship in the industry there is an unspoken requirement: you have to know about the industry! That includes the major players (hello Spielberg), the blockbuster movies in pre-production (Avengers 2), and what is happening every day. 

Below is your reading/ watching list, yes just like second grade. These are the major things everyone is talking about in Hollywood- RIGHT NOW. And you should form an opinion about them too BEFORE you head to your interview.

    • Oscar Winners: 
      • Her, 12 Years a Slave, Gravity, American Hustle, Dallas Buyers Club
    • Indie Picks: Sundance loves,  Spectacular Now, Nebraska
    • The Avengers 2
    • Veronica Mars
    • Star Wars
  • TV- 
    • Orange is the New Black
    • House of Cards
    • 30 Rock and Parks and Rec (Especially in TV)
    • Anything on HBO
    • Ellen
    • The Tonight Show and Seth Myers (SNL)
    • Funny or Die
    • Deadline
    • The Hollywood Temp Diaries
    • Buzzfeed- 
      • The Top Quizzes, Breaking News
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