Best Small Production Companies (still Hiring for Summer 2014)

Please apply for these if you do not yet have an internship for the summer. I have heard great things. They are either great places to work or have good name recognition.

1. Awesomeness TV- Youtube Content Creators that are gaining more and more recognition. Not to mention they have a great work environment and let you get your hands dirty! You will learn a lot.

2. The Robert Evans Company- On the Paramount Lot (fun!) and they made the Godfather.

3. Maker Studios- Just bought by Disney! Digital Content creators with huge multi-million studio.

4. Imperative Entertainment (formally Blacklight Transmedia), send interest to Hillary. They create movies, comic books, and video games! Used to have a first look deal with Ron Howard. I interviewed here and Hillary is a DOLL! Their intern program is very educational.

5. Beachside Films (affiliate of Big Beach Films) which was responsible for Little Miss Sunshine, Safety Not Guaranteed, etc. They even give you$10 a day for lunch, which is super nice of them.

6. Circle of Confusion. The Matrix, Heaven is Real, the Walking Dead, plus I interviewed with them and they were SUPER NICE. They all go to lunch as team. Email to:

7. Intellectual Property Group. They are all super nice as well. Not a production company, but a management and content company, I've heard they are super great to work with. They have an intern desk and everything. I interviewed here as well and they were fantastic. Email interest to Michael:

8. Story Mining & Supply Co. Another multi-platform company, they develop great content.Email interest to Cynthia at

9. Newport Beach Film Festival. Another non-production company, but a really well and respected festival. They are accepting interns for the summer starting May 2nd.

10. Team Todd. If you're about girl power, this film company is owned by two huge female producers. Email here.

Good luck! It's not too late. Keep checking EntertainmentCareers as well.

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