Do You Need Business Cards? Yes.

Okay...hear me out on this one. I know: "when's the last time you got a business card- 1990's?" "I could just enter it in my iPhone." I get it. Trust me. But there will come a time when you listen to a presentation by a really cool person, or need to follow up with someone, and they are heading for the door!

This is where business card's come in. Spoiler alert: it can take a while to find the perfect business card. Like a long while.

My Business Card Tips:

1. Order 50-100. You may have them for a while, but you don't want to order too many and have them become outdated before you use them.

2. Double Dip: Some business card companies like MOO allow you to customize the back of the card. This is awesome because you can put your entire portfolio on the back (production design, cine, photography, graphic design) or make half the pack a card for a completely different purpose! For instance, I have my traditional business card for half the pack and a business card for this website for the other half. It's cheaper than buying them separate!

3. Email and Website. These are the most important things on there. Don't skimp, make them bold and proud.

4. Matchy Matchy: It's not required, but your business card should match your resume and website. You can find templates that are likely similar at many of the business card printers online. At the very least, the colors should match. This may seem a bit intense, but it is all about maintaining a unified front to the employer.

5. AVOID VISTAPRINT. They are smaller than regular business cards, have an awful quality, and print ads on the back of their "free" business cards. We're going for professional here, not student.

6. Keep it Standard: Though squares, minicards, and circles may be fun, they are not professional and rarely fit in wallets. For our purpose I would suggest you stick with the classic, either in horizontal or vertical form.

7. Stand out: Choose a design that is colorful, modern, and easy to read. However, don't go over the top. Unless you are a photographer, do not use cameras in your design. Some examples below:

WHERE TO BUY: These will set you back about $40 on average, but you will likely have a pack for about 2-3 years if not longer.

The above examples are all from, which is where I buy my business cards from. They have tons of designs, standard but good prices, and allow you to add different backs. 

Another site, if you are looking for more impressive designs and letterpress, is Minted. They are about $15-20 more than MOO, but their designs are too die for. They do lean towards being more girly though. Here is a couple examples of their work:

Many Career Development Centers offer cheap printing for business cards, so if you are a student be sure to look into that as well.

Now, go out and NETWORK!

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