Crazy Intern Tasks

So Buzzfeed just posted a post "What's The Most Ridiculous Thing You've Ever Done as an Intern". 

Here are some of the comments:
Personally, here's crazy things I had to do (and my friends had to do) as an entertainment industry intern:
1. Pet the six dogs/ Give them food/ Give them Water
2. Put exactly 6 bottles of a specific brand of mineral water in the fridge (every night)
3. Find a phone charger
4. Pre-set the GPS in his car
5. Go back and pay for a Starbucks my boss didn't pay for
6. Pick up my bosses medical records
7. Drive my 60-something boss to Hollywood Blvd with his 20 year old girlfriend (my age!)
8. Drop my boss's Israeli twin actresses (mistresses) off around UCLA, since they didn't have a car
9. Go to trader joes and pick up his son's favorite brand of beef jerky and shampoo
10. Buy laundry detergent
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