Apply for Fall Internships Now! The Complete List of Applications.

One application season ends....another begins. It's the circle of life.

UPDATED: 6/24/14


Want more info/ everything you need to apply....CLICK HERE. This includes resume tips, cover letter advice, interview how-to's, and even housing advice. 

This page will be updated when more applications are posted. I recommend bookmarking it. 

Most studio applications are due JULY 18th. I would reccomend applying now! 

Notes about FALL SEASON: Fall season is the least competative season! However, there are less internships in some departments of the major studios. Fall is a very exciting time, especially in TV Development (New Scripts!), Digital Media (New Shows!), Advertising (New Shows!), Programming, and Production! 

NBCUniversal Campus2Career Internship Program Fall 2014. 

APPLY West Coast (LA)
APPLY East Coast (New York City)

VIACOM Internship Program FALL 2014: 

-NEW YORK CITY LOCATION : Apply here for the General Application (most departments, except for listed below)

            -General Application

-CHICAGO (Ad, Sales, Marketing) LOCATION: Apply here for the General Application

          -Fall 2014 (General)
          -SPRING 2015 ! (General)

-SANTA MONICA LOCATION: Apply here for the General Application (most departments, except for listed below)
       - Fall Legal Internships
       -Creative Music Licensing Internship 

Disney ABC Internship Program. FALL 2014. 

Disney ABC Internships (Publicity, News, Digital Media, Development, Programming, etc.) in New York, LA, Burbank, and Orlando. Find the internships here on Disney Careers.

Intrested in Disney Parks Internships in Anhiem, Orlando, and Burbank? Click here.


SONY Internships. Fall 2014. NY/LA/CHICAGO

Spectrum Intern Fall 2014 listings here. There are internships in Corporate, IT, Televison Creative, Home Entertainment, Motion Picture, Acquistions, Fiance, Development, PR etc.

Fall 2014 Internships in Time Warner Properties (LA/ NY/ ATLANTA). 

*HBO has not been posted yet.

CONAN FALL 2014 Internships (due June 30th!)- LA

Apply here. 

FOX Internships. Fall 2014 (New York/ D.C.) 

FOX News College Associate- New York (Production/ Business/ Tech/ Editorial). Application here. 

FOX News College Associate- Washington D.C. (Production/ Editorial). Application here.

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*Note: Discovery Communications does not offer internships Fall semester. Check back in October for Spring Internship postings. 

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