POST GRAD: What do I do now? A list of opportunities for the Recent Graduate.

In honor of the new College graduates, we are exploring programs designed just for these recent grads to get their foot in the door of this connection-based industry.

Congrats on graduating by the way! Hopefully this list will get your parents and grandparents off your back about what "you're going to do now." 

1. NBC PAGE PROGRAM (LA/NY). An insitution in and of itself, the NBC Page Program is a highly competative program that will allow you to rotate through entry-level assigments throughout the company. LA is movie and tv based. NYC is broadcast tv based and you give studio tours. You also meet one on one with hiring managers and get TONS of professional development help. Like Hollywood Intern Diaries- but personalized! 
Note: Must have graduated college with a 3.2 GPA, 2+ internships, can work 6+ days a week. 

2. VIACOM ASSOCIATE PROGRAM (LA/NY). For those who are intrested in emerging technologies, digital media, marketing, product development, web design, and digital production. You will be employeed in a media-focused department in many companies MTV, Nick, Comedy Central, Spike, BET, Paramount, etc. It's a great way to get connections and learn a ton about Digital Media!

3. DISNEY ABC TELEVISON GROUP (LA/NY). Although not just for recent grads, as they have undergrad part time internships as well. Disney ABC also has some internships that are full time postions up to one year long (the average is a six month placement). Find some on Disney Careers. Posted in June-July. Parks Internships and Disney College Program are also avilable at Disneyland and Disney World, posted now! 

4. NBC NEXTEC PROGRAM (LA/NY). For all those broadcast engineers, operations and technology nerds, and people who just love technology and studio operations- this is the perfect program for you! A brand new two-year program APPLY HERE to be in the first class.  

5. NBC TIM RUSSERT FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM (D.C). Described as a Political Journalism Boot Camp, this is awarded to ONE graduating senior persuing political jouralism. It is a year long placement in Meet the Press and the NBC News Political Unit. Requirement: 3.5 GPA, Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, Communications, or Political Science. Also, need to write a 250 word essay. 

6. NBC NEWS ASSOCIATES PROGRAM (NY). A one year long postiton will give aspiring producers and journalists real world experience. APPLY HERE BEFORE MARCH 31st. Write an essay and several short answers, masters degrees okay!

7. CNN Video Journalist (Atlanta). A one year postion at CNN headquarters, for canidates persuing news editing, production, or journalism. APPLY HERE. 

8. Turner Trainee Team- t3 (Atlanta/ LA/NY). A 11-18 month program allowing hands on experience in Stategic Marketing, Public Relations, Interactive, Design and Production, etc. You can be placed at TBS, TNT, Turner Classic Movies, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, APPLY HERE

For writing opportunities, another post will be comming soon (they accept applications throughtout the year). 

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