25+ Resumes for The Graphically Challenged

Excuse that this may seem like an advertisement. I only promote companies (like Entertainment Careers, Moo) that offer services that will help intern and job seekers just like you- companies I use or would use! 

LOFT RESUMES is a fantastic resource for those that are graphically challenged or just want an amazing resume that stands out to employeers. It's also pretty resonably priced for that best resume I have ever seen (yes, even better than mine!). 

As I told you in my other resume posts, employeers in the entertainment industry are notorious for only looking at resumes for three seconds or less. They will then put you in the good pile, the maybe pile, or the reject pile. 

 That's where Loft Resumes comes in. For $99 dollars (the link above will get you a bit of a discount), some HUMAN graphic designers will take your resume and fit it into formats that highlight your skills, your personality, and your hiring potentinal. 

These resumes will GET YOU into the Maybe pile at least. Regardless of previous experience, skills, or connections. They really are that great. Here are some of my fave examples: 

The $99 RESUME PACKAGE. You will get a PDF of your resume, an editable Word matching cover letter, and two resume revisons (in case of an update or customer unhappiness). Additional revisons can be purchased down the line for only $5! The resume will be sent to you within 3 business days and you can rush it if you like. 

This link will get you a discount: LOFT RESUMES

They also offer professional resume writing services, see their website for more information. 

Yes, $99 dollars seems like a lot to pay for a resume. But if you are not familar with graphic design programs, you are competing with other people that have these sorts of impressive resumes. 
Cost Breakdown (less important things you could be spending 99 dollars on):
50-100 Business Cards cost $60
Parking in an LA Apartment Building $70 (per month)
Personal Website Domain and Hosting for a Year $60-80 
4 Mid-Fancy Dinners $100

Remember, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT DOCUMENT IN YOUR LIFE (besides maybe your Passport). 

I urge you to check them out. They really are a great company. 

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