Saying Goodbye: When An Internship Ends

In honor of many Spring internships ending and Summer internships beginning, let's talk about how to end your internship on a postive note.

Being an intern is awkward. You do tasks no one else wants to do, you are almost part of the team but not really, your job is only for a defined amount of time...the list goes on and on. Parting on the last day of your internship can be one of the most awakward parts. There's the gift question, baked goods sometimes, and maybe some hugs.

Thankfully, I've navigated serval types of internships and have LAST DAY PROTOCOL for all of them. Or at least tips, each internship and supervisor is unique so always use your best judgement. You know your internship better than we do!

Belvolved Supervisor + No Current Job Opening = Give a Small Personal Gift 
If your supervisor took the time to meet with you, ask about your career, read your scripts, and was pretty much a perfect boss/mentor, go ahead and get them a gift. I don't mean an extravagant gift, don't spend more than $15 or your hourly salary. It may be an awakward transition, but if it's something personal they will be very thankful and think about you everytime they see it (good for future emails and job openings).
Some gift suggestions:
1. A Frame (from T.J. Maxx or Big Lots) with a Printed (on photo paper) Image. For my past internship, I got my supervisor a frame with a print of an old airline photo since we had talked about old airlines- a shared intrest.
2. A Nice Candle
3. Something that's their favorites (i.e. Hot Sauce, or fave candy in a mason jar)

Beloved Supervisor + Current Job Opening= Hand-Written Thank You Note
Yes, if there is a current job opening you can appear brown nosing if you get your supervisor a gift. I would suggest mailing them or leaving a hand written thank you note on their desk. It's preofessional but sentimental.
If you want the job: Make sure you express your interest and how much you enjoyed your internship either during your farewell lunch or the week before as well as in the note. Also, ask for a reccomendation- it will give them time to reflect on how much good work you did.

No Real Direct Supervisor + A Team of People or Interns = Baked Goods
If you were more of a team or there was a lot of other interns, baked goods are always the way to go. Bring some on the final day and share!

An Aweful Experience= A Nice Handshake and an Email Follow Up
So you had a lastluster and unpleasant internship. I'm sorry! It happens to the best of us! Take the high road, you don't know who those people know and if it will effect you in the future. Smile, give your supervisor a handshake, and send an email in a couple weeks thanking them (for the postion on your resume) and letting them know what you've been up to. It's the best thing that you can do.

Always remember to get everyone's contact info. You never know when you will need to ask a question or see if they know anyone that's hiring.

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