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One of the best pieces of advice I received was from an assistant at a top agency. He told me to wash the dishes. At that moment I laughed out loud thinking yeah, sure, I graduated college just to end up washing everyones dishes. A few months later I started an internship at an A-list celebrity's production company. Behind the reception desk was a partition hiding a kitchen. You can't even imagine the number of coffee cups and dirty plates that ended up in that sink each day.

As an intern, you want to be remembered and set yourself apart from the others, in a good way. As I saw those dishes pile up, I remembered the assistant's advice and while the other interns fooled around on facebook and twitter waiting for a task, I went to work. As soon as something was set in the sink, I got up, washed it, and put it away so the kitchen never looked dirty. My efforts didn't go unnoticed. I quickly became the go-to intern for important tasks, and from there was often asked for my creative input. 

Washing the dishes and making sure the kitchen was always clean showed my bosses that I cared about the company's image. I made sure that when a client passed the kitchen on the way to the conference room, they saw a pristine kitchen, an effort to show they were in an office that would care about them in the same way. 

For my bosses, it showed I was a team player, keeping the company's best interest in mind. So future interns, remember an internship is not only about showing how smart you are, it's an opportunity to show what you are willing to do to get the job done. So, if there ends up being a kitchen in your office, DO THE DISHES! 
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