The Top 6 Studio Intern Programs

These are the first internships people think of when they decide they want a Hollywood Internship. It is not uncommon for a student to apply to all of them with little experience and never even get a "no thanks" note in reply. After months of waiting, these students are left without an internship wondering what went wrong. Trust me, I did this.

I cannot stress this enough...DO NOT DO THIS. If you take away one thing from this blog, it's not to apply to these studio intern programs if you do not already have at least one or two internships under your belt.


If you don't have one or two related entertainment industry internships: please look on Entertainment Careers, your school's Careers Website, or email small production companies with a letter of interest. Do not waste your time applying to these programs on their websites. These studios are like Harvard as they use websites where they pull up certain attributes (i.e. past internship experience, gpa, ect.) and if you don't match they won't even consider you and your application (that took over an hour to complete) will be lost forever. Consider applying for affiliate stations (such as your local ABC news station) or smaller production companies in the department you wish to intern in. These are great ways to get your foot in the door and beat the terrible application process. 

That being said, each program has their own strengths. They are all great programs, but some let the interns get more out of it than others.

What to Expect:
1. It's a will be filling out ALOT of new hire paperwork before you even start. These intern programs are all paid!
2. Some are full-time and prefer graduates or co-op students. Almost all require you to be at least a Junior in college.
3. Since they are paid. Sometimes your hours are limited to 20 hours a week, 30 hours a week, or the like.
4. Almost all have orientations.
5. Some have weekly intern lunches and socials. You are gonna want to go to these. However, you have to get approval from your supervisor to do so.
6. You will have projects to complete. Again, it's a job. You will be held to the same standards as other employers.

How to Get Hired: 
1. You get past the HR department using key terms.
2. You get on the list of people they want to interview.
3. HR interviews you on the phone.
4. HR emails your resume to the hiring supervisor of the department.
5. The department hiring supervisor sorts through and makes another shorter list.
6. The department hiring supervisor sends resumes to the immediate supervisor of the intern.
7. The immediate supervisor will sort through the resumes and decide who he likes the most.
8. He will then interview those canidates.
9. He will then decide on intuition, usually on one candidate.

So the moral of the story is.... you can have all the qualifications, get through two+ interviews and the entire process, and STILL not get the job! Just because the supervisor wanted to work wth another person more/ They might have thought they were more fun/professional/ detail oriented, ect.

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