Calling All Musicans: The Ever Changing Music Industry


 Times are changing and our world is moving faster than ever. The different industries in Hollywood are starting to look more and more different every year as each business evolves with the flow of society. We here at Hollywood Intern Diaries want to keep you all updated on the know hows on how to get careers in the entertainment field. The first industry I will explore in this installment is the music industry. I interviewed many different, and very talented bands/artists that are fighting to get into the industry in order to see if they any tips to pass on for this blog to give to you all.

Zero to Viral    

    With the evolution of music technology and the internet, the face of this industry has changed rapidly. Artists can go from zero to viral in one night, but that also means that the market has become over-saturated with aspiring artists and the amount of competition has increased. The business has also changed. Before even signing with a record company you have to already have a solid following and a good repertoire of songs, then they will consider you. However, technology has risen the bar to almost an unreachable height. It is difficult to captivate audiences and gain fans with improper equipment for live sets and sub-par recordings of your own music. I interviewed, Brandon Miranda, lead singer of the band Mountain East, who is currently recording their own EP, on this sentiment and here’s what he had to say on the topic:
“It used to be that when you start a band you record a demo and gig and build a following that way. but now we are realizing it is the reverse; you have to make a great recording (either an EP or a demo) and push it all over the internet to get a following.”

Zero to Viral 

Along with that, it cost a lot of money to even scratch the surface of the business. Miranda recommends getting as close to the industry as possible when looking for a job as it not only offers the money you need, but it also offers experience and knowledge in the business.
“There’s always a singer out there who wants to be recorded so I've been  offering to write for them. On top of that I've just been taking jobs that expose me to an environment where I can learn: recording, engineering, teaching, and I have even been working for a church's music department which has been super fun as it's connected me to a lot of older musicians that have been doing it for years.”

What To Do? 

So if you are an aspiring artist looking move to Hollywood, be on the lookout for the plethora of music jobs out there. Also keep your eye on the listings we post on this sight as we do look through want ads and post the what we see as the most beneficial jobs and internships out there in the entertainment industry, including music. Singer songwriter, Joe Leone, who just released his single, “Freckles”, recommends to never take a day off.
“Never take a day off from the pursuit. And as far as jobs, any job can help you further yourself. There's not a single place you can't network.”
It is unfortunate, but you do need money to fuel this dream. Fresh off a tour in NorCal, Armand Lance, lead singer of Blue Eyed Lucy, says to take all of these opportunities whether it is playing a show, or going to support another friends’ concert. You never know who will stop by with a gig to offer.
“I've done paid gigs in LA that got me no where and have gone to watch buddy's bands play and gotten show opportunities and the opportunity to record a song in a studio for free as part of a compilation.”
Like Leone, Lance also highlights the importance of community and having a strong network that can help you along the way. (Check out “Networking for Dummies” for tips on this). Music is about collaboration and having all the help you can get from a community that supports and shares your endeavors is extremely important in anything that you do.


    Self-confidence is also a must in this industry. Image contributes a lot to how employers think of you or your band. One image to not carry is timidness. Jordan Kleinman, lead guitar player of Jubilo Drive put in his two cents about this topic.
“Self confidence is key, if you know your music is good enough to play in front of people, then you have to believe in yourself when trying to spread it otherwise no one is going to care.”
If you do not care about yourself, then you cannot expect everyone else to care either. The image is extremely important and having a constant presence for your audience. Rising star, Niki Black perfectly words this sentiment.
“Connect with your friends and family first, and then start reaching out to fans. It all starts somewhere, so keep everyone in the loop. Make sure you have a good social media presence so you look like you're constantly up keeping your career and represent yourself well.”

The Conclusion

 As our culture changes and as our generation takes over the population, these industries will continue to change and new obstacles appear. Continue to be on the look out for the different jobs and internships Hollywood has to offer in your industry. Utilize these tips well and keep on inching your way into the business. Take every opportunity you can get. The music business can be cruel, but keep aiming high because the journey and the destination will be all worth it and Hollywood rewards those who work for what they want.  

Look out for our other posts as we explore the film, tv, and fashion industries. 


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