Get a Brand New Resume in 10 Mins for 10 Bucks!

"What?" Yeah, I know that's what you are all thinking right now. After all, I've speant the past 6 months telling you to spend time on the design of your resume- no old Word document would do!

Well I still belive that. However, not everyone has the design orientation to make their own resume nor do they have $100 dollars to spend on graphic design services like Loft Resumes. Although, seriously, if you want the best of the best- you can't go wrong with Loft. 

In fact, over the past few months, I have got about 100 requests to look over people's resumes, design resumes for people, and send my resume to schools around the country. So my point is....thank you for liking my resume. 

These requests, although I couldn't respond to a lot of them (mostly cause my blog post Craft The Perfect Resume pretty much says it all), inspired me to do something to help all the design phoebes out there. A lot of aspiring interns use a simple word document which coupled with inexperience leads to disaster often without fail. Aspiring interns can spend months submitting applications, with no response. 

I've create a service like Loft Resumes on Esty- a simple platform that uses PayPal. There are currently 4 designs to choose from and they all come in the form of word documents. This allows them to be easily editable- you can change it without waiting for revisions. 

The shop is called "TheHollywoodIntern". As a opening special you can get a download of a word resume template for just $10 dollars. That's 90% off similar services. And it's delivered immediately to your computer. Just download the fonts in the zip file, pop in your information, and send off a .pdf to every studio and internship program in the biz. 

I really, really hope this helps some of you all off. Every purchase goes right back into the costs that it takes to run the Hollywood Intern Diaries. So you can even think of it as a donation, instead of just an investment in your future. 

Get these resumes and check out TheHollywoodIntern shop on Esty, here. 

Get a Brand New Resume in 10 Mins for 10 Bucks! Get a Brand New Resume in 10 Mins for 10 Bucks! Reviewed by Unknown on 7/10/2014 Rating: 5

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