Oh No! When You Forget Your Wallet and Need Lunch

It happens to the best of us. Well...it has happened to me at least twice at every internship I've ever had. But every single time I have managed to figure out some way to get that glorious thing called lunch. So don't despair, PREPARE. Here's the things you can do to make sure you don't go hungry (especially if your LA commute is a long one).

1. The Starbucks App is likely your BEST option. 

It's not secret that Hollywood runs on Starbucks. However, despite the endless coffee runs, there is an upside to this. There is a Starbucks within a mile of EVERY studio and channel headquarters. In fact, most studios have one on the lot itself. 

But I don't have money, how am I supposed to buy something at Starbucks? Well, my Starbucks obsessed sister (Disney Princess, not a Hollywood Intern), alerted me to the fact Starbucks has an app. An app you can pay with. That you can connect to PAYPAL- no credit card needed. 

I tried it out on Wednesday...I forgot my lunch. Downloaded the app, logged into my PayPal, transferred $25 dollars to my Starbucks app, and paid for a pretty nice sandwich. All within 20 mins. 

2. Online Ordering (Chipotle, Which Wich, Five Guys, Panera Bread) 

Unlike Starbucks, this requires a bit of preparation as these companies saves your credit card info. However, if you've ever ordered and picked up (which you should to avoid long lunch lines!), this can easily work in a pinch!

3. Ask Another Intern

Everyone forgets their wallet once in a while. I've even asked another intern for gas money when I was stranded in LA after forgetting my wallet on a low tank. These are the best people you can ask. They are in the same situation as you and are likley on friendship terms.

TIP: Keep it under $10. Try Trader Joes, Ralps, and Fresh and Easy for cheap ready to eat meals.

4. Ask Your Supervisor

Most of your supervisors have a company charge card, which they may let you use. It never hurts to ask. Just make sure you only do it once!

So please eat something!

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