The Tinder Paradox: Dating in LA

Dating in LA is as notorious as any other major city. Maybe even more so due to the large amount of young single professionals (hello, silicon valley), fellow college kids, and the sudden increase of online dating apps. There's also the little fact that if you are on the east side and your sweetie lives on the west side, or god-forbid the OC, it's pretty much a long distance relationship. 

Availability aside, like other major cities and college campuses, a hook up culture predominates. Maybe it's the fact that LA is at its core a drinking city, or that there's a celebrity sighting every day, or that swiping right on an iPhone app can get you a date for the night. Regardless, most of LA's interns and young professionals aren't really looking for a relationship that will require going to the movies an hour early, going to Hollywood Bowl concerts, and sitting in traffic during rush hour for dinner reservations.

 However, if a relationship is really what you are searching for, there are ways the LA dating operates. Just remember, you're only here for 3-4 months- so don't get too ahead of yourself. Most people here don't start settling down till their late 20's, and some never do. 

I went ahead and did a survey of some of my fellow interns. Almost of of them were on Tinder, this fancy app where you swipe right if you like how someone looks. A handful were on OkCupid, the web's free daiting website. Some had met people in some of LA's bars, see I told you this was a drinking city! Tip from my of age friend: Use Uber to get there and never go to a Hollywood or West Hollywood bar. And one, yes just one, met someone on one of our numerous internship events. So love is real. 

If you need more info on what Tinder is and how it's slightly creepy and according to my fellow interns, not exactly effective, see below: 

The point is, you only have a couple months in this city. I would actually reccommend focusing on making friends to explore the city with rather than sitting in the same coffee shop meeting a different guy from Tinder each night. But really, that's up to you. 

You do you.

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