When You Don't Get The Internship

Chances are you may strike out with finding an internship. No matter how many times you apply, it's still an awful fearing to hear no (trust me, I've been there). While it's very easy to berate yourself and bang your head against the wall, there are better ways to bounce back from a rejection.

1. Failure is normal. 

Many successful people have faced multiple failures and rejections before becoming successful. A simple Google search on the topic brings up many famous names who've failed, including Steven Spielberg (who was rejected twice by USC's film school), Oprah Winfrey (who was fired from a Baltimore TV station for being too "emotionally involved" with her stories), and Bill Gates (who created a company called Traf-O-Data that failed before he started Microsoft).

In the case of applying for internships, realize that it's a numbers game. You won't get all your internships, but all you need is one yes. Just one. It can be elusive and very hard to find, but it's out there. You just can't let rejection stop you.

2. Ask why you didn't get the internship.

If you can, ask for constructive criticism. While intimidating to ask, I've found certain firms are more than happy to provide feedback (and in some cases it may have just come down to experience). Not only will it show the firm you are able to take criticism, it will make you a stronger applicant the next time you apply.

3. Keep your interviewer's information.

Just because you've been rejected doesn't mean you should lose sight of the company and your interviewer. Stay in touch wherever possible, particularly if you're re-applying.

4. Work retail.

While not exactly in the realm of the entertainment biz, working a retail job will provide you with a host of skills that will come in the industry, including working under pressure and customer service (both essential skills when working as in the industry as assistants). I can personally attest to this as I worked at my local Staples store this past summer. With the summer being a time for back-to-school sales, I was constantly assisting customers, such as helping them find items, checking them out (as a cashier, mind you), or trying to solve an issue that was making them unhappy. While it can be a trying experience working with customers, I certainly had fun.

Hopefully these tips provide you some solace in rejection. Just remember that Rome wasn't built in a day, and your career isn't either, so don't place tons of stress on yourself.

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