Advice from an OWN Recruiter: Cover Letters Don’t Matter!

Please read the rest of the article, don’t just not write a cover letter!

This is another installment of our “Advice from an OWN Recruiter”. If you haven’t checked out our first installment on resumes, check it out here.


Keep it short stupid.

Cover letters are outdated and should be only two paragraphs max. You should illustrate how you can serve the company as an employee, what you can contribute.

This can easily be a template, as long as you edit it for each position. Make sure not to send it to NBC if you are applying to OWN. If you can’t make it strong, at least don’t make it wrong.

Unseen But Instrumental

Big studios do not even look at cover letters in the initial interview process. However, when it’s down to a couple candidates, they may make or break you getting the internship. For instance, if one candidate has a cover letter that reiterates their personality and all they can bring to the job, and the other has a blatant template, who would you choose?  


If it is a position you really want, going the extra mile will only help you in the long run.

Note: Please take this advice with a grain of salt. The Recruiter is a recruiter for a major company that uses an application database system that sorts via Resume and basic information. Entertainment Careers and Email applications require cover letters as your first impression. 

If you want to know HOW to write a good cover letter, check out our post here.

Be on the look out for the third installment in this series, it will be all about interviews!

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  1. Letters are crucial documents for job seekers. No resume should go out without an accompanying cover letter. And that letter is your first introduction to that employer. See more motivation letter for internship


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