How to Get Past Security

It's an awesome feeling being able to go past the pearly gates of a studio lot or getting access to private offices. It's like a secret world waiting to be discovered. All you need to do is get past security.

Now before you start going all Danny Ocean trying to figure out how to get past them, I'd like to provide a few tips. Most of these will probably common knowledge, but they bear repeating.

Here a few tips:

1. Go with the flow.
Security frequently deals with people who are trying to get into lots and offices and have no reason to be there. You wouldn't like it if someone tried to crash your film set or your meeting with Jennifer Lawrence, would you?

Having your ID, invite to the lot (i.e. email confirmation), a pleasant info and answers to all their questions ready makes their job a lot easier and they are more inclined to let you through. If there is an issue, don't freak out and get angry with security. It will get resolved.

2. Arrive early.
Arrive 5-10 minutes early since sometimes security may not have a pass ready for you (playing the "I'm late" card will not get you anywhere). I once had a internship interview on a studio lot but there wasn't a pass available for me when I pulled up to the gate. Although I was a bit concerned, the security guard instructed me to pull over to the side and call the interviewer. When that didn't work, security gave me the number for the pass office, who quickly sorted everything out.

3. Know your security team.
Get to know the security staff on a first-name basis, especially if you're interning at a smaller venue with a regular security team. They will eventually know your face and let you through without the huge security check. Plus, they will probably be more inclined to help you if you're running late or need authorization to get to another part of the venue - by talking with them they will know your delirium is probably from waking at 5 AM for your internship, not from being an obsessive fan.

Realize that security can be intimidating, but they're only there to keep trespassers out and they're not looking to get you specifically (unless you have been banned for bad behavior repeated trespassing, or are simply just trying to get a peek at an actor...although I'm assuming this doesn't apply to you). If you have legitimate business, you have nothing to fear. Just be calm, friendly, and open and you'll be fine.

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