Important Info If You Want to Intern at Disney or ABC in Spring 2015

Disney is jumping on the Spring internship bandwagon super early this year.

It's not even September and they have plenty of internships posted on Disney Careers, are updating their Facebook page like nobody's business, and even have a live chat with a recruiter coming up on September 4th. This is likley due to the large amount of internships they must process and interview per year, more than any other company.

What Does This Mean?

Now this is kind of freaky since they are completely ignoring the standard Internship Application Seasons for the first time ever. But what's freaky for me is both a good and bad thing for you.

The good is that you can apply for Disney internships early this year and take special care with the applications. The bad being that I have no idea when the internship you want is going to be posted. Which may mean you will have to check DisneyCareers everyday for the next month and a half.

The "When" of Disney Internship Postings

The internships currently posted are mostly centered in the Orlando area and deal with the Theme Parks. There are a couple internships posted for CA Theme Parks as well, and one for Imagineering. So if you're intrested in that, I would apply right away. The applications are expected to close and interview much sooner than usual, due to their early posting.

I feel that ABC, Marvel, ESPN, and other DATG (Disney ABC Televison Group) internships won't be posted till at least the 2nd week of September. However, due to their vering off schedule, I have no idea. When I hear about them, they will be posted in our annual Spring Internships Applications list. So not to worry.

What to Do Now?

If you are planning to apply, I would suggest checking out the live chat on September 4th at 1-2 EST.  Their facebook page even includes an easier way to search their huge application database for internships, which I would check out as well.

Personal Note

I was a Disney Intern at ABC and it was one of the best internships I've ever had. They have a very social internship program with lots of fun events, weekly intern lunches, and a true support staff. I would highly reccomend a Disney Professional Internship to anyone willing to do real work and make an impact at a company. You will not be getting coffee here. 

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  1. Anonymous11/02/2014

    Thanks for writing this :). I applied to a few marketing PI positions and most of them are with ABC. Do you have any advice on how to stand out.. Or just any advice in general. I'm in progress on the dashboard, so not sure if I'll get an interview or not but I want to be prepared.


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