Prepare For Spring Internship Applications Now!

There's no time like the present!

I know you just finished an exhausting fall application season, or summer internship, or....not. Either way, now is the best time to make sure you have everything prepared for the second most competitive internship season- Spring.

Spring Internship Season stars in October, so it may seem like we're jumping the gun. We're not. Fall semester can get a bit crazy, espically if you are taking 300 or 400 level classes for the first time (holla fellow Juniors and Seniors). Before you know it, it will be deep into October and you may even miss internship deadlines. We've all done it.

Now, fresh over your summer internship and before school (or another internship) starts, is the best time to work on getting everything prepped for spring internship applications. To do so, it's best to think in threes:
1. Branding
2. Updating
3. Polishing 

The Essentials

Scary words! I know. However, it's really simple. You just need to focus on four things: your resume, your website, your cover letter, your business cards, and your linkedin. If you only have two or three of those things, less work for you. Just kidding! Make sure you get a personal website, business cards, and a linkedin if you haven't already. If you need help on how to do that or what these should look like, check out our posts on building a FREE personal website and getting some professional business cards. 

1. Branding

First thing first, branding. You can have an awesome resume, linkedin, website, and business card. However, if they aren't matching it can make you seem a bit scatter minded to an employer. For example:

You see how that comes across? Messy, no attention to detail, design crazy. All things you don't want to portray to a future employer- espically in your first impression.

To avoid this, make sure your resume, cover letter, website, and business cards match. Yes, that means buying (hello etsy) or creating a design, color sceme, or typeface that will exist across all platforms. Think of yourself as a product you're trying to sell. What if McDonalds have a different logo in every city? You would never be able to pull over off the interstate and treat yourself to a McFlurry and some fries. Creating a personal brand, is the same idea.

The simplest way to do this is picking a single bold font, a color sceme, or (if you're more design inclined) your own logo- a circle, a location/globe, etc.

It will make a major difference in how you come across to future employeers. We'll use my personal branding as an example:


Business Card:

Business Cards:

Soon, we'll be lauching complete branding packages on our etsy page. If that interests you, check us out.  However, you can always do this yourself by just making the top bar of your resume, website, and business cards pink or blue or green.

2. Updating

Make sure you update your resume. Thinks to consider updating are:
  1. Experience on Both Your Resume and Linkedin. Though this may seem like a bit of a "duh" addition. Consider taking the OWN recuriters advice and updating your bullets to acomplishments rather than duties. It gives your experience a much stronger edge. You can see I have done the same in my resume above. Make sure whatever changes you make are reflected in your Linkedin.
  2. Delete Non-Relevant Experience: The more experience you get the less you need that camp counselor position on your resume. Though your linkedin can have a more complete list of your positions. Keep your resume streamlined with only your best, relevant, and more recent positions. Normally, this is about 5-6 positions. 
  3. Skills. If you've learned Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, or the agency databases, make sure you write that on your resume. Tip: Use industry lingo like "rolling calls". 
  4. Links/ Email. Please make sure all your links and emails are up to date. If you have an address, and I hope you don't, make sure that is up to date as well.
  5. Production Experience. Update your list with your most recent films. However, if you have more than 8 films, select the ones that have notarity, won awards, shown at film festivals, or have the best sounding position (i.e. director, production designer). You can even note if it's shown at a high-ranking film festival- as I have done.
  6. Study Abroad: Be sure to include if you've studied abroad. It can give you that international edge that is so important in the industry.

3. Polishing

Give your resume to a friend, a past supervisor, or even a HR contact you have. Tell them to give you ideas on the design, experience bullet points, and just proofread your work. It will ensure you have the perfect resume and branding package to wow the recuriters in October. 

Best of luck!
More information about Spring Internships to come in September. Check back then, and update update update!

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