7 Companies with Proven Track Records of Hiring First Time Interns!

So you've never had an Entertainment Internship before. You've taken my advice, avoided the big 7 internship programs (NBCUniversal, Viacom, DisneyABC, etc.) like the plague, and now you're here wondering what Amazing internships are left for you.

Well...the wait is over.

For the first time ever, The Hollywood Intern Diaries has compiled a list of companies that have a proven track record in hiring first-time interns that later go on to internships with major studios and agencies. I would urge you to apply to all these programs as they provide invaluable experiences to their interns.

Team Coco/ Conan @ TBS

This is perhaps one of the best launching vehicles for higher level studio internships. These interns go on to Lionsgate, NBCUniversal,  ABC, etc. They also hire a TON of first time interns every semester, especially in their general Production department. 

Apply here by February 28th.

Tastemade, Santa Monica

Do you like food? Do you like the Food Network? Tastemade is basically the Food Network on YouTube. They own almost all of the Food Channels, constantly acquire new talent, have an amazing App (please download), and even do original development for web series. Also, did I mention Interns do hands on work and get unlimited SNACKS! They are also hiring ;)

Apply here.

Seacrest Studios @ Children's Hospital of Orange County (& Nationwide)

If you are at all interested in radio/broadcast and go to UCIrvine, Chapman, Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach, or any other school in Orange County, I would highly recommend the Ryan Seacrest Foundation at the Children's Hospital of Orange County. I know many interns that have gone on to internships at Lionsgate, Gersh Agency, SONY, etc. Plus, you're bringing joy to sick children. Where's the downside?

Apply here.


One of YouTube's biggest multichannel networks, BigFrame is partnered with the majority of the major Youtube stars. Plus, my super awesome cool friend works there and absolutely LOVES it. This is a great platform to learn about the Digital Space, the future of TV, and get to make some pretty cool connections. They also have a track record of hiring their interns. ;)

Apply here.

Ora TV

Ora TV is one of the most respected emerging Digital TV platforms with dozens of original shows including Larry King Now, cooking shows, and even narrative comedy shows. Past interns have gone on to The Ellen Degeneres Show, NBCUniversal, etc. 

Apply by sending a Cover Letter and Resume to Careers@ora.tv and find out more about the company here. 

The Doctors @ The Paramount Lot 

One of the cornerstones of CBS's daytime show slate, the Doctors hires plenty of first-time interns in the specialties of On-Set Taping, Talent/Guest Coordination, Wardrobe, Researcher/PA, Audience Coordination. Interns have gone on to jobs at other Daily and Late Night Shows.

They are currently still accepting applications for this Spring and Summer, here. 


These are for sure some of the nicest people in the entertainment industry. It's no secret that THID loves the HR team here. They put on GREAT intern events and generally hire 6-8 interns during the Summer. It's a very personalized experience and all the interns I met did not have internships before. They also accept ALL majors - even History and English!

Applications aren't out for Summer 2015 yet. I'll let you know here when they are posted. You can also check for yourself - here.

Checklist for First-Time Interns: 

1. Get a banging new resume that is classy, has some design, and isn't a template on Word. We of course recommend our Esty store (just $10 dollars), but photoshop-oriented friends and some college career centers have some templates to! Also, make sure you are including sections for coursework and production experience to make up for your lack of actual internship experience. 

2. Craft an easily changed and specific cover letter. Here's how to do so. 

3. DO NOT APPLY FOR THE STUDIO INTERNSHIPS LISTED ON OUR  "The Complete List of Summer 2015 Internship Applications", unless you have previous internship experience. Instead, apply for the internships I listed above AND constantly check Entertainment Careers.net. Apply for all the internships you are interested in and qualified for. 

4. You should be applying for 10-15 non-studio internships every application season on Entertainment Careers.net. 

5. Create a Linkedin and fill it up with On-Campus positions, your work at your Father's company, your camp counselor experience, etc. It's your first rodeo! You can and should delete them after you get more experience. 

6. Make sure you have the tools for interning in the Entertainment Industry. Make a email, Skype, AIM (yes, that AIM) account with your name. Also, like and follow Deadline on Facebook. That way, you can read the trades among your friend's engagement posts. It's incredibly easy and satisfying. 

7. Don't be afraid of getting internships in Entertainment's related industries. These can be great stepping stones to the more competitive Film/TV/ Digital internships. For instance, I got my start in Broadcast News. You could also apply for internships in Fashion, Editorial, Music, PR, and Advertising.

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