PaleyFest: The Two-Weekend Event You Can't Miss

Chances are you likely haven't heard of PaleyFest. Well, that all changes now! PaleyFest is an annual two-weekends of panels in Los Angeles with the best show runners, writers, and actors television has to offer. It's also at the Dolby Theatre - which is a treat if you've never visited the spectacular theatre where the Oscars are held.

Last year I attended two panels: The Final Season of How I Met Your Mother AND the Lost 10th Reunion. While I didn't get any of my lingering questions answered by the showrunner of Lost (typical), I got to meet the ever inspirational creators of HIMYM and Ted Mosby. Note: I was inconsolable for about four hours afterwards. 

The panels are amazing behind the scenes looks into what goes into the development and production process of hit Television series. Plus, it is well attended by industry insiders and press. You could be sitting next to a writer from Variety, Deadline, or even a network executive (like I was last year). 

I highly recommend attending at least one of the panels this March if you are at all interested in Television Development or Production internships/careers. Below you will find a schedule and a guide to PaleyFest. 

PaleyFest 2015 Schedule:

I have gone ahead and marked* the shows with the most critical buzz. 

3/6: Homeland @7pm
3/7 A Salute to Comedy Central* @12pm
      The Good Wife* @8pm
3/8 Girls* @1pm (THID will be attending)
3/8 Scandal @7pm

3/11 Teen Wolf @7pm
3/12 Outlander @7pm
3/13 Glee Farewell @ 7pm
3/14 Arrow & The Flash @4pm
3/14 Modern Family @8pm 
3/15 Jane the Virgin* @4pm
3/15 AHS Freak Show @8pm

The Hollywood Intern Diaries Guide to PaleyFest: 


Tickets range from $46.00- $96.00 dollars. Although, if you wish, you can purchase a Student Paley Center membership ($50) and get $10-15 dollars off ticket prices for this year and next year in addition to discounted admission to the PaleyCenter in LA/NY. 

You can buy tickets and learn more about Paleyfest, HERE. 


Parking in Hollywood can be a real pain, but luckily we've got you covered. DO NOT park in the shopping center where the Dolby Theatre is (Hollywood & Highland) as parking IS NOT VALIDATED. You will end up with a $15+ parking fee.

If don't have cash: Park in the center down the block on Hollywood Blvd that has a 24-Hour Fitness, CVS, and Fresh and Easy. The first hour can be validated at CVS/Fresh and Easy. However, the daily maximum (anything over 2 hours) is $8 and you can pay by card. It is the best in the area. 

If you have cash: You can park in the TicketMaster (or StubHub, one of those) headquarters' lot. It is right across from the previous parking lot I mentioned on a side street (left turn from Hollywood Blvd when you see the CVS). However, it is a lot quieter than the other lot and a flat charge of $8 when you return. They don't take cards, but you can easily just get it from an ATM on the way back from PaleyFest. 


I am a big fan of a delicious grab-and-go crepes place on the 3rd floor of the Dolby Theatre shopping center. It's pretty economical. Although, you're in Hollywood, so you can get any kind of chain food you are looking for. You can even make an evening out of it and end at the Disney Ghirardelli's across the street from the Dolby Theatre.

Arrive Early

You are going to want to get to the theatre around thirty minuets early, especially if you are sitting in the Orchestra. It's all about smoozing your neighbors. I would even suggest to bring some business cards. 

The show also ALWAYS starts on time. However, if you are running late and stuck in traffic, the panel begins after showing an episode of the show (which could be an hour or thirty mins).

That reminds me, it is Hollywood, so please try and make it into the area about an hour and a half before the panel starts. You are likely going to have to make several difficult left turns before having to park and walk to the theatre. 

How to Meet the Cast/ Showrunners:

As soon as the panel ends, the cast/showrunners will hang around onstage to meet fans and sign things. There will be a massive run to the stage during this time. Once you arrive at the crowd, just wait patiently and slowly make your way to the front. 

Note: If you are on the balcony, you can still be part of this! You might not be allowed to go down the main stairs into the lobby as staff will direct you to the exits. However, you can exit and then reenter on the 1st floor entrance, where you can head for the stage. Although, I recommend, if you REALLY want to meet someone to buy an orchestra ticket. They aren't that much more. 

Things to Bring:

1. Bring a sharpie and a poster/mug/notebook if you want to get things signed by the showrunners/ cast. 

2. Business Cards

3. Your Parking Ticket 
    If you park in the Hollywood & Highland structure, at least get it validated at a food place before leaving. If you parked at CVS, you will have to pay before returning to your car as well.

4. Cell Phone or Camera: For some awesome photos of the Cast to prove you met them. 

I hope you enjoy the show!

You can buy tickets and learn more about Paleyfest, HERE. 

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