THE MEGA LIST: Everything You Need to Score an Internship

Planning on applying for competitive Summer internships at esteemed companies like ABC, Viacom, Disney, Lionsgate, NBCUniversal, etc?

Well the time is NOW. 

I know it seems early, but most of the top companies (Viacom/ NBC/ ABC/ Discovery) have opened their applications. As we get further into the semester, more companies will follow.

But don't wait until then to apply!

In my experience, the sooner you apply- the better chance you have! This is because HR departments at the studio-level start in one department, interview/hire those interns, then go on to the next department. So let's say you want to work in the development department and you apply in August, but that department has already interviewed for potions. That means, you won't get contacted or considered for the Development department. 

No Experience Required is here to help with a handy dandy MEGA LIST of previous blog posts.


Update and Make a Spectacular Resume

The original post that has helped dozens of people land an internship in Hollywood.

Write the Perfect Cover Letter Without Spending Hours

Never spend two hours or more writing a cover letter again!

Create a Website to Supplement Your Application.

Warning: There is a box for a website link on every single internship application.

Speaking of Websites, Make Sure Your Facebook is HR-Friendly.

Check the Listing to Make Sure It's A Decent Internship. 

Know the Red Flags for "Fake Development Internships" Before You Apply


Pick Up Some Personal Business Cards

Make Sure You'll Get There In Time: LA Traffic Map

What Exactly Is Business Casual? Dress for Success

Brush Up On Your Entertainment Education

So you'll have something to talk about at your interview... besides yourself. 

What Do You Bring To Your Interview?

Hint: It's less than you think. 

Be Prepared for The Question Question

It's brutal. 


Don't Forget a Follow Up Email!'re done! The rest is a waiting game. 

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