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One of the most confusing frustrating aspects of moving to LA is the entire west side/ east side debacle. Unbeknownst to me before moving here, LA isn't exactly one city. In fact, it's a zillion. Believe it or not Downtown LA, Miracle Mile, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica are all considered to be part of "Los Angeles."

People tend to disagree on what exactly composes "LA". Although most discount the idea of Sun Valley (Sherman Oaks, Burbank) being part of LA, it can sometimes be referred to as "LA" - especially by Orange County residents.

References to the East side and West side of LA add yet another layer of confusion. According to "Militant Angeleno" (a man who knows much more than I do), the following rules should be held true.

1. WHEREAS, The Eastside, in all absolute terms, is east, the Militant repeats, east of the Los Angeles River.

2. WHEREAS, The Westside, for all intents and purposes, is west of La Cienega Blvd (there are various self-defined variations on this, like the 405, or La Brea or even Lincoln Blvd, but we will go absolutely nowhere on the subject unless we have a consensus on the definition of the word, so use the general dividing line between 323- and 310- dom). There it is, take it.

3. THEREFORE, west of the Los Angeles River is NOT "The Westside" nor is east of La Cienega Blvd "The Eastside." There is no dividing line between the two. You cannot be on the Westside and throw crap across the street to the "Eastside." You cannot be on the Eastside and hock a loogie across the street to the Westside. You cannot jump between Westside and Eastside in a precisely-located game of hopscotch. Stop thinking binary here.

4. WHEREAS, there is a region between The Eastside and The Westside (The crowd silences, the earth quakes, the veil of the temple is torn in two).WHEREAS, The region between The Eastside and The Westside is the center of the city.THEREFORE, those of you transies who love to spout, "L.A. has no center," better go download Los Angeles Geography 3.0 - because you need an upgrade.

5.  The Valley is everything north of the Santa Monica Mountains ridge line or, when present, Mulholland Drive. Essentially Glendale is part of the The Valley, separated from NELA (That's NorthEast Los Angeles - which is technically part of the Eastside, but in certain instances can stand on its own) by the 2 Freeway. Why is Glendale part of the Valley? 818 area code. End of discussion.

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