7 Things to Make Your Life Slightly Easier in 2018

If you are anything like me (a.k.a. a millennial in Los Angeles), you are always searching for new ways to make your life easier. In Los Angeles, we don't really have the luxury of driving to the grocery store to pick up extra sugar - that is unless we budget at least an hour with traffic and parking.

In honor of the New Year, I set out to try out services that may replace those little inconveniences in life - like ATM fees, grocery shopping, and that nagging feeling that I should be investing my money.


This handy online checking account reimburses all ATM Fees. That means, you never have to search for a particular ATM again! Although I don't use the service as my primary checking, it is nice to support a bank that believes in transparency and donating to charity. They also have some Sustainable Investing Fund options as well. Free. Sign up. 

Status Money - 

This is like Mint.com on steroids. It gives you context on what you spend in comparison to the rest of the people in your area, your peers, your age group, and your income range. This is wonderful to keep track of all your money and net worth. It allows you to link your 401k, your savings, and your investment portfolio. Free. Sign up or learn more

Wealthfront - 

If you are looking to try out Robo-Investing (or are saving to go back to Grad School like me), you can get in the game with just $500. Wealthfront offers an easy to use online platform and I've been happy with how my investments are performing so far. You can have your first $10,000 managed for free! Sign up. 

Note: FREELANCERS - You can also open a Roth IRA with Wealthfront if you want to start saving for retirement.

Trello - 

How are you not already on Trello?! I use them to organize basically everything in my life from my podcast to my apartment lease. I even use it to manage my work social media schedule. Free. Sign up. 

Zocdoc - 

You know what I really hate - calling Doctor's Offices to schedule an appointment. I also don't like not seeing their full availability, their receptionists give you a date and time and you are stuck! Enter Zocdoc - a mobile app and online site that partners with thousands of doctors in the Los Angeles Area. See a Chiropractor, Gynecologist, Primary Doctor, or Dentist within a few days! They will also send over all of your paperwork before your appointment and you can even filter by who accepts your insurance. It is the most convenient thing ever.  Learn more. 

Hungryroot - 

This is how I have avoided grocery shopping for the past month. Every week, Hungryroot will send you an entire box of delicious vegan groceries, snacks, and recommended recipes. You get to skip the grocery shopping and eat healthily! It's great. Plus, there are a ton of sauces you can use with any meal (a.k.a. pasta) and you can add meat/fish to every recipe. $50-100 a week. Sign up (and get $30 off). 

For Those Girl Bosses - 

The Pill Club

Get rid of that monthly trip to the Pharmacy and get free chocolate! The Pill Club is the kind of thing that you sign up for and then completely forget how you lived without it. They will deliver birth control to your door (including Plan B). The Best Part: They will write you a prescription online so no more surprise trips to the Gyno to get your refill. You can also text a Registered Nurse questions! What?! This service is life-changing. Seriously. Free (or Low Cost depending on Health Insurance). Sign up. 

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