The 6 Steps to Get an Interview

The 6 Steps to get an Interview

1.    Make a portfolio website!

According to Forbes, "56% of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than any other personal branding tool—however, only 7% of job seekers actually have a personal website."

You don’t need to know HTML to build a website. You can use,, Tumblr. You can also make a simple one-page website using or Include your resume, work samples, and companies you’ve worked for.

Squarespace Example:

Always make sure you have bought an easy domain name. Your name is preferable.  

2. Show your passion on your website, in the work you produce, and in real life.

If you want to work creating social Skiing videos for Red Bull, you need to show the Hiring Managers/Recruiters that not only can you produce content - you live for skiing. You can do this by creating numerous skiing portfolio video pieces and posting them on your website. You can host a skiing-podcast and link to it on your application and LinkedIn. You can mention that you are the President of the Chapman Ski Club in your cover letter. 

Passion is important and sets you apart from other candidates.

3.    Change your resume and cover letter to reflect the positions outlined in the job.

Recruiters take an average of 5 seconds to scan your resume to determine if you are qualified and relevant. To be relevant consider your location, company brand names, skills, and your relevant work history. Did the position say they need someone that knows Pro Tools? That better be easy to find on your resume.  You should also always put the company first before your title – the brand names mean a lot more than “intern, intern, intern.”

4.    Always highlight your accomplishments – not your day to day tasks.

Let’s be honest, all Development Internships have the same day-to-day tasks that include picking up lunch, rolling calls, writing script coverage. The sooner you highlight your impact at each organization, the better your application can be. Also, before each interview, write down a couple of accomplishments to highlight when they ask you to go over your resume. For instance, instead of “I answered phone calls” try “I created a new office-wide system for logging calls.” See! Doesn’t that just sound better!

5.    Pick your poison and commit

You should pick your top 10 positions to apply to and tailor your resume, website, and cover letter to each of those – just like college apps. 

Throwing out 50 non-tailored resumes won’t do you any favors, especially if you apply to multiple positions at the same company.  It will also be very disheartening.

6.    Don’t be afraid to reach out!

Many candidates make a major mistake. They submit their application to a major studio through their job portal and wait. Don’t do this! Reach out to the hiring manager, recruiter, or your future boss through LinkedIn. Applications get lost in the system due to something as simple as their interface not reading your Word Document. It only takes a few mins to ensure your resume is at the top of the pile and top of mind. 
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