Your Must Have Resources for The Job Hunt

Career Protocol – Your Discovery Toolkit

This a great worksheet to not only improve your confidence with applying to jobs (it is very accomplishment based), but it also allows you to identify your skills and what you truly want to aim for in your career. It focuses on creating your A-list of employers, positions, and industries.

  • Connect with people who have the jobs you want and set up informational interviews   
  • Connect with and let recruiters know you applied to a position (You have to do this! It’s so easy and it can make the difference with getting the first interview.) 
  • Apply to jobs – you can set your preferences for jobs and LinkedIn will serve you relevant jobs. If you are actually applying to Jobs, I would recommend paying for Premium as it allows you to email un-connected recruiters and see where you fall in regards to other candidates. 

I use this to look up reviews of a company before I interview and also as a tool when negotiating the salary of my position (you can compare all the salaries of a company, position title, and location.)

Easy Job Hunting: You can set up job alerts and get a daily email with new positions using keywords. 

For Female Professionals:

Ladies Get Paid - Webinars & Live Events

The Femme Authority - Los Angeles-based Facebook Group with Live Networking Events
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